Desktop Publishing Project -- "Basketful of Blues"
Created in Adobe PageMaker
On this page, and other linked pages, I've included the final project for the Desktop Publishing class.

While many layouts were created in the class, most were assignments that followed specific taxtbook guidelines. In this project, the class was called upon to create most of a corporate identity package for some business enterprise. We were free to use a fictitious business, which I did.

Precisely why I settled on "Basketful of Blues" was likely related to some of my tastes in music, the way in which the name lent itself quickly to some design elements, and the types of information that would be included in the designs.

As noted above, these were created using PageMaker (which version I can't recall now) and composing the graphic elements required using the graphics tools in PageMaker. Consequently, the images aren't as polished as I'd originally envisioned, but I think the results actually fit the tone of the pieces better.

At right, you see the poster piece of the project. The font used throughout is Harlow Solid Italic.

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