Brochure from My Old Job
(Only partial credit for me. Gotta be honest.)
Any small private school is always trying to get the word out -- usually in the least expensive manner possible. That had been the history of The Valley School; people who knew of the school generally had a positive opinion of it, and people who heard about it for the first time usually said "Why have I never heard of this place?"

Answer: Limited Advertising Budget, leading us to refer to ourselves internally as "Genesee County's Best Kept Secret".

So, this was done a few years ago now ('99 maybe?). I can't take credit for everything; I roughed out a basic approach in this style, compiled notes on what people wanted to emphasize about the school, and rewrote the copy, which went through two or three revisions.

I put together a rough layout using an old version of MS Publisher (my first page layout experience), but neither the school nor I had the scanning equipment for the pictures that were culled from the school's files.

Eventually we took it to a printer (whose identity I can't recall) who was able to put together the picture layout and publish the piece. I wasn't entirely happy that the school's name appeared in differing typefaces from that used in the logo, but the process had gone on for a while and we went ahead and published.

But the final text is mine. Looking back on it, it's not bad. If I were do redo it today, I might find a better way to compose the sort of "mystery" lead-up so that the "this school" phrasing isn't overused. I'd get to the name of the school more quickly, and then bring in the rest of the school info.

I apologize for the large size of the image, but it's a balance between megabytes and legibility.

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