Assorted Drawings
At right is a figural drawing based on a cover from Dance magazine, using Conte on standard drawing paper (original size 18" x 24").

The colors aren't quite right -- there's a little bluing that got introduced as I was PhotoShopping to take out the irregularities in the surface and shadows from the photo.

Completed February 2006.
At right is an inkwash using a tech pen -- probably a Micron or a Staedtler .05 -- and various intensity india ink washes.

This is all direct to paper; no preliminary pencil sketching. It's from a photo in National Geographic Adventure. This was for my Drawing 2 course sketchbook, where we needed to complete gestural studies within certain time frames. This was for the 20 minute limit.

Again, the photo of the work was the bane of the process. This time IĀ used one of the warming filters to take some of the bluing from the picture, increased the brightness, and used the dodge tool to help remove some of the waves in the surface of the page.

Completed March 2006.
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