As mentioned on the main page, this site is constructed with GoLive. Why GoLive? Because it came with the CS2 package! I know many swear by other software programs -- Dreamweaver being quite popular -- and I would have used freaking Publisher if I could get the pages to upload properly. (I think they would have if I had gone with Microsoft's hosting service.)

And, yes, I really did buy GoLive for Dummies. Well, sort of. It's actually a Dummies book that covers all of CS2. While I had courses this past year in PhotoShop , PageMaker, and Illustrator, I had nothing in GoLive, and I've always found the Dummies books useful.

Make of that last sentence what you will.

While GoLive is the only website construction software I've used, I'm not finding it too difficult to grasp. I don't have the experience with other packages to be able to compare. One odd thing about GoLive -- when I used the spell checking, it didn't recognize any of the following: blog, website, PhotoShop, PageMaker, or even GoLive. Hmm.
Saturday, July 22, 2006
News & Notes
No, It's Not Really a Blog
What the heck's a "Gardyloo"?
"Gardyloo" comes from a French term "garde l'eau", which means "be careful of the water". In English, it came to be "gardyloo", a term used by people as they threw their, um, commode waste out their windows into the open sewer in the street.

Kind of like yelling "Fore!", but with a more clear and present danger involved.

Back in my Principal days, it was the name I used for my weekly memo, which I always spent too much time writing and designing. Who'da thought that?
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A photo of my tv antenna, with ring effects added with PhotoShop.

Photo taken and manipulation completed June 2006.
If you were hoping for ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth, I apologize -- you'll have to look elsewhere on the big ol' web for that.

Mostly, this will be a place for me to post updates about the site, latest works, and the occasional blathering about design.

At this date, the website itself will have been in existence just a little over a week. It's hosted at Yahoo for a very reasonable price. I probably could have gone slightly cheaper, but I wanted the ftp function. That has already been quite useful.
Why GoLive?
At any rate, if you're visiting this page there isn't much news in terms of updates -- it's all new. There's a home page, an "about me" page (with a link to my resume), a menu page for my computer generated work (seven linked pages there), and a menu page with my work in traditional media (three links there).

I hope I've cleaned up all of the typos and broken links, but if you find any, and are inclined to politely inform me of their existence, please email me.

I'd better be adding material to this site regularly, and I'll provide a new "Gardyloo" weekly or bi-weekly, with links to new pages. I still have a number of items that I'd like to add.

I also plan to occasionally throw in some general thoughts reflecting what I may (or may not) think about design, and discuss some books, magazines, websites, etc., regarding design that I've found helpful or interesting.

A book that I've recently devoured is Magazine Design That Works by Stacey King (Rockport Publishing, 2001). Throughout the book, several actual magazine designs are analyzed and the designers are interviewed about the approaches used. While the analyses themselves are valuable, the discussions about the evolution of each publication's design are very useful as well -- showing that design is truly a process and not a static product.

While it's just slightly dated -- I know that Entertainment Weekly and HOW have changed some major design elements since this book's publication -- all of the examples used are current enough to hold lessons that are still applicable to any number of design issues and formats today.
The Purpose of This Page