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No, It's Not Really a Blog
"Gardyloo" comes from a French term "garde l'eau", which means "be careful of the water". In English, it came to be "gardyloo", a term used by people as they threw their, um, chamber pot contents out through their windows into the open sewer in the street.

Kind of like yelling "Fore!", but with a more clear and present danger involved.

Back in my Principal days, "Gardyloo" was the name I used for my weekly memo, which I always spent too much time writing and designing -- some surprise, huh?

If you have too much free time, and care to look at the previous editions of this "Gardyloo", the first one is here. The second (and most recent) is here.
Other Items at This Site
There's a home page, an "about me" page (with a link to my resume), a menu page for my computer generated work (ten linked pages there), and a menu page with my work in traditional media (three links there).

I hope I've cleaned up any typos or broken links, but if you find any, and are inclined to politely inform me of their existence, please email me. Be gentle with me.

I also plan to occasionally throw in some general thoughts reflecting what I may (or may not) think about design, and discuss some books, magazines, websites, etc., regarding design that I've found helpful or interesting. (Not this time, though. Well, is very useful.)

The job hunt continues, but I've been able to do a few updates for the site.

There are new items. I've added a page with some scans/photos of drawings -- I've got plenty to add to this page and will likely subdivide it as I get more scans/photos completed. I've added some of that process itself to the page with some photos that I've adjusted with PhotoShop. I've also added another logo at the bottom of the logos page.

There is also an "Other" page. I've placed a brochure that I wrote while I worked at the school. I plan to include some other samples of writing as time goes on.

Thanks for looking in.
Saturday, September 9, 2006