Design Submissions for Michigan License Plate Contest
Prepared with Adobe PhotoShop
These are some selections from the work I did preparing a submission for the Michigan Secretary of State's office (our DMV). The image with the white background (below left) was the initial design, but I thought that it could use some more elements for visual interest. I wanted to work with a generally light palette, so that the dark license plate numbers and letters would be readable (for those special moments when the police have to hunt drivers down).

The image in the middle was submitted -- the specs didn't call for typography, nor my reworking of the license plate tagline -- otherwise I would have submitted the design at the top of the column. Since plates travel around the country, I thought that design helped promote Michigan as a year-round tourist destination.

This was completed in June of 2006. In early August, the new design was announced -- not mine. However, the final design wasn't really any single entry, according to the letter from the Michigan Department of State. A professional designer was hired to create a design utilizing concepts that had been submitted. Honestly, I'd rather that an actual entry had been selected, even if it wasn't mine.
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