Logos, Logos, Logos.
At right are logos created using basic geometric shapes.

The one immediately at right has filled shapes (cyan, magenta, and yellow, of course) set at 50% opacity. I really like the increased interplay of the lines and curves.

I also ended up liking the contrast with the black, white, and magenta logo (far right).

Completed December 2005.
And, here's a design that pursues that original goal. I kept the palette very simple -- just one color -- and kept the number of elements limited.

The basic typeface is Tw Cen MT Condensed, with some distortion applied to elongate the letters; I wanted a sans serif to keep the appearance simple.

The circle and line are intended to suggest a sunset; the type is a little low in the circle, but I think that adds to the "sunset" theme without adding extra elements or colors.

Completed September 2006.
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I designed the logo at right in PhotoShop. I was looking at designing something elegant, upscale and monotone for a promotional brochure with images of a fictional beachfront resort.

I introduced more color into the design, but I felt that it took it away from my goal. I do think this design would work well on a billboard or as location signage, particularly for a site less pricey. This looks more friendly and inviting than what I had in mind, which would have been more exclusive.

Which I guess obligates me to complete a design with the original goal in mind.

Completed August 2006.
Here's a little item I made in Illustrator. I took a digital photo of my dog, Boomer, where he's standing in profile, and created a new layer where I stroked and filled a path that is generally his shape. I then added the circle and the type.

Why "Prodigal Dog"? In the summer of 2005, my little poochie decided to go on an adventure with a neighbor's dog. They were gone for a week, until such point as I picked them up at a local pound. I dubbed them the "prodigal dogs".

The basic design for the logo I've had in mind for a while -- as one of the countless studio names I've thought up if I should find myself in the position of owning/running one someday.

Studio names are sort of like band names, I guess. All of the thought goes into that, instead of creating the necessary body of work. I'm sure I'll feature other potential studio names as I go on.

Completed July 2006.
Most of these (at right) were preliminaries for the designs immediately above them. They all have their pluses and minuses, but the design in the upper right of this box not only recognizably displays each letterform, but the two letters work together the best of the group.

Completed December 2005
These are logo entries for an open competition held by the Michigan Council for Internships & Cooperative Education. None of mine were selected -- sigh -- and the one that was selected from another entrant was very good.

My process was to look at similar organizations around the country. I visited their websites, and the pattern was to have the organization's name accompanied by a representation of the state's shape. My mistake was in assuming that they would go for the more conservative choice (being an educational agency). Shows the value of being able to talk with the client and find out their perspective.

I obtained a map of Michigan and traced its outline in Illustrator. The font is Myriad Pro.

The logo chosen features a figure with a backpack, a briefcase in a lowered right hand and the left side hand lifted skyward holding a star. It sounds cluttered, but it's very gracefully rendered. I had some preliminary sketches with the briefcase and backpack idea, but I think the winning designer really pulled those concepts together in a way that I wasn't seeing.

The California equivalent of this organization also has a nice logo, which resembles an adult gull-winged bird flying with a smaller one "under its wing".

Completed November 2005
It's hardly a graphic designer's website without a selection of logos. In no particular order, here are some logo designs that I've worked on. All of these were created in Adobe Illustrator.