Louis Armstrong Tribute Poster
Created in PhotoShop
This took about six to seven hours, mostly playing with the type. (Most of it is Arial; the location and date info are Impact.)

I started with a photo from the Wikipedia article on Louis Armstrong. It was black and white; I manipulated the contrast level and replaced the color. I then selected the highlights and deleted them (so the background could show through, although I erased some of the stars), and flipped the picture.

The stars in the background were originally in different layers (sorted by size) with gradients applied to the various layers. Underlying all of it is a gradient layer

The large "LOUIS" at the top has a texture layer effect applied to the type.

Of course, it's all fictitious. The names are just jazz musicians' names pulled from my memory. It actually started with my desire to just try the gradient effect on multiple layers with common objects, and then I recalled that I've been wanting to do a Louis poster.

Gotta tell ya, I kind of like this one.

Completed July 2006.

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