3-D Design Class Project Involving Paper Sculpture
The sculptures are constructed of scored, cut, tabbed, and glued Bristol Board. The theme centered on the idea of transformation; the class was to use relatively basic solid geometric shapes.

My project went through a few phases -- initially I was going to have twelve hourglass shaped figures circling the three figures above. Frankly, my geometric cutting skills weren't up to that challenge, so I ultimately settled on the pictured design.

Since each figure has four sides, I was able to arrange them so that all four faces would be viewable as the sculpture is circled. The holes with the wedges are (I hope) reminiscent of clock faces -- hence the passage of time. The figures are constructed in basic human proportion.

The course instructor took digital photos of each project in the classroom. However, classroom lighting being what it is, and despite shooting the pictures near the window, the resultant image reflected the lighting conditions present. Not bad news, since it gave me a well composed image to work with in PhotoShop. A few adjustment layers got me from the image you see above.
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