Photographic Manipulation in PhotoShop
The following are just some examples of working with pictures in PhotoShop. All photographs were taken by me.

As you might expect, "before" is on the left, and "after" is on the right.
Then I was curious as to how the photos would convert to grayscale. On the left is the result of just converting the original photograph to grayscale. I thought it was much too murky.

I adjusted several factors in this photo -- levels, shadows/highlights, and brightness/contrast. I think the result gives more definition to the dog and the surrounding lawn. A bit more contrast makes it more interesting and helps the eye sort the details.
Another morning picture, violating the rule of having the sun come over the shoulder, which created some heavy shadows for the dog. (One of the rare times I could actually get him to look at the camera.)

The work on this one was fairly simple-- just some brightness and contrast adjustment.
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Above left is a photo of an inkwash drawing that I completed for a drawing class. I cropped the lower section of the photo, used brightness contrast controls, used a warming filter, the dodge tool, and the brightness/contrast controls again to achieve the result on the right.
The photo on the left was taken following an ice storm. I cropped the right edge away, and slightly adjusted the brightness and contrast , which sharpened the pine's needles.
The photo on the left, taken in the early morning, is of an old field behind my house. (Well, I guess all fields are "old" when you think about it.) I liked the way the trail on the right pulls the eye back, and the slopes and some gentle diagonals and pull the eye horizontally (as does the treeline).

I clone stamped the date away from the picture, and adjusted the brightness and contrast, which I think enhanced the texture of the field.