Still Life With Kitsch
Course Sketchbook Item in Oil Pastel
In practicing still life compositions, I wanted to use some items that IĀ found personally engaging. Fortunately for me, I've accumulated a lot of odd items over the years.

From left to right: an empty San Pellegrino bottle, a plastic Tiki tumbler (I also have a green one and a magenta one -- hey, they were on sale at Target), a genuine McCoy Smiley-Face cookie jar (I omitted the "Have a Happy Day" on the base), and a steriodally large ceramic coffee mug with a rooster on it (a dollar store find when I was much more caffeinated).

A minor point of pride for me in this piece -- no preliminary sketching. I just started applying oil pastel to the gray paper, and used a wadded paper towel to blend and smooth the pigments. Considering this was my third or fourth oil pastel work, I'm rather happy with it.

Completed March 2006
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