Assorted Watercolor Pieces
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This is a watercolor that I completed as part of a course sketchbook.

I worked from a digital photo that I took of a sunset as viewed from an old hayfield behind my house. I didn't dilute the pigments much -- it's pretty saturated.

I like to paint landscapes; I have no idea why.

Digital photo of 9"x12" on watercolor paper. Completed February 2006

Below is another watercolor, also based on a digital photo that I took of a poplar tree not far from the vantage point of the picture at left. This, however, is a morningtime view

Please excuse the slight ripples on the right -- sometimes no matter what you stack on the scanner lid, you're just not going to get perfect flatness. That it's watercolor paper doesn't help, I imagine.I tried a digital photo, but it just wouldn't come out right.

Scan of 9"x6" watercolor paper. Completed February 2006.